Workplace Coaching

How the organizational environment makes people learn

The Research

Coaching over the past 30 years has gained exponential attention from companies as well as researchers from different fields, yet many things are unclear – we are still searching for answers on unresolved issues.

Our aim with this research is to find answers to some of the issues in question about coaching and individuals in organizational settings.

The present research is a cooperation between Maastricht University and the CDHK from Tongji University and investigates how different types of workplace coaching affect coachees’ learning & development in terms of their motivation and learning behavior while taking into account structural and cultural components of the organizational environment. 

The Research Team

M.Sc. M.Sc. Sarah Koester

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Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, NL

Second Supervisor, Doctoral Study

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Project Manager & Assistant to the Management

External PhD Candidate, Maastricht University, NL

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Full Professor, Maastricht University, NL

First Supervisor, Doctoral Study

Prof. Dr. Wim Gijselaers

Dr. Katalien Bollen

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Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, NL

Second Supervisor, Doctoral Study

Prof. Dr. Kattenbach

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Professor, Tongji University, CN

External Co-Supervisor, Doctoral Study

The Research - An Overview

A COACH has to fill out the very first survey, the 'Coach Initial' at the beginning of his / her participation in this research (before the first coaching session with his or her first coachee will take place)

A COACH can fill out the 'Coach Diary' when something very outstanding or interesting has occurred during or between one of the coaching sessions with a particular coachee - for each coachee

A COACH has to fill out a 'Coach Final per Coachee' for each coachee, latest three months after the start of each particular coaching or with the end of one within the timeframe of three months

Start of the Research

After any coaching session

End of a coaching

A COACH has to fill out the final survey, the 'Coach Final All' after his final coachee in this research has had his or her last  session or latest before the end of this research period (end of December) 

End of the Research






always 3 months from the first coaching session onwards

A Coaching-Period: 


coaching session

COACHEE has to fill out the first survey, the 'Coachee Initial' before or at the beginning of his / her first coaching session

All following

coaching sessions

COACHEE needs to fill out the 'Coachee Diary' after every following coaching session after the first meeting (latest before the next session starts)


coaching session

COACHEE needs to fill out the final survey, the 'Coachee Final' latest three months after his / her start of coaching (whether the coaching is finished or not)

Additional Information for You

This OnePager, also called the 'Teaser' will give you a brief introduction about the  WHAT, ADDED VALUE, HOW and WHO of this research.

This Research Inquiry contains neccessary information about the research itself, its research design and research method, privacy information and  our website.

This Research Requirement Checklist was created to make the participation-decision easier. It answers the most important questions raised in context with participant acquisition for this research