Research participation

Welcome to our Research

You are almost ready to get started . . . just one more step!

Step 1.

Please have the password to access your research area handy!

If you are a coach: you have received the password via the research invitation one-pager.

If you are a coachee: you should have received the passwort to the coachee area from your coach.

Once you have access to the coach or coachee area for this research, you will find specific research instructions and links to all surveys included in this research.

If you want to, please feel free to create your own research member account* by clicking on the login button in the right corner above. The member account will verify you as a research participant, allows us to collect additional information important to this research and provides you with a calender for your coachings. Also, once signed up with your email address, you will receive research-related emails every once in a while to keep you updated.

Step 2.

*Ps: By signing up for the research membership you give your consent to participate in the research study about Workplace Coaching conducted by the University of Maastricht, Netherlands